Business planning offered to Chamber members

Date: 12/06/2020
Author: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Company: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Greater Manchester Chamber has joined forces with Dow Schofield Watts Business Planning to help members plan for the future after lockdown.

Many businesses will now be looking more closely at their forecasting capabilities and require more detailed financial models in order to help them adapt to a very different economic situation.  

Dow Schofield Watts Business Planning provides financial and commercial advice in relation to business planning, financial forecasts and capital projects. 

The team has significant experience in preparing and building transparent, understandable forecasting tools, which can be used for scenario analysis and business planning.

Dow Schofield Watts Business Planning works with a wide range of industry sectors including hospitality, travel, retail, leisure and construction and can apply its expertise to the specific needs of individual businesses.

Services include:

  • cash flow forecasting and scenario analysis
  • building bespoke financial models
  • developing and improving internal reporting systems
  • preparation of detailed business plans

For more information on the services available, contact:

Ellen Little - 07803 940043

Rebecca Judson - 07771 755491