Campaign for Business 2020

Date: 27/11/2019
Author: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Company: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Ahead of next month’s General Election Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce has launched its Campaign for Business 2020.

The 5 themes in the supporting document cover a wide range of issues that the Chamber’s members have identified as being priorities for action.

Whilst the document has been launched ahead of the election, many issues have still not been resolved from the last election in 2017 and reflect the lack of positive action by government.

Campaigns Director Chris Fletcher said: “This campaign’s sole purpose isn’t just for the election in 2 weeks' time and then it all gets forgotten about. Looking back at our corresponding work two years ago it is staggering the volume of issues that have basically been ignored because of the relentless focus on Brexit by government.

“We have worked closely with our members and others over the last two years to identify the core issues, refine them and keep them relevant. For example our Future of Skills campaign – short listed for a national award – not only states what is expected at a national level but what needs doing through greater devolved powers here in GM.

“Whilst we cover skills, connectivity, business funding, low carbon and a range of other business priorities what we haven’t done is made it all about Brexit. There are a lot more other fundamental issues holding business back in this country which need tackling and many businesses we speak to want action taking on these as well as trying to get a clear steer on Brexit. Solving Brexit on its own won’t do anything if the domestic economy continues to be neglected.

“It’s important we keep focused on the next few years and we shall be releasing an updated version for the Mayoral Election in May 2020 when we should hopefully have more certainty about Brexit and also know what the next government’s intentions are.”

A copy of the document can be downloaded here