Chamber President Re-elected for New Term - Vows to Focus on Connectivity, Innovation and Growth

Date: 07/04/2022
Author: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Company: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Robin Phillips, from Siemens, has been re-elected as President of Greater Manchester Chamber for a third term. The vote took place at the Chamber’s AGM and Spring Assembly on Friday (8th April). Emma Holt and Malcolm Pike were both re-elected as the Chamber’s Vice-Presidents.

This is the first time that a Chamber President has been elected for a third term and came about when a special rule brought in last year during the pandemic was put into effect to ensure that there was a level of continuity in the role at a time of upheaval and turbulence in the business community.

Reflecting on this Robin said: “Like most things, the pandemic has curtailed my activity as Chamber President but with the backing of the membership I am looking ahead to a more normal 12 months when I can really start to do more for members at a time of huge challenge.

“My theme for the year will be around connectivity and innovation for growth, taking into account traditional transport and infrastructure issues and making sure we are better connected and looking at ways that this helps with all elements of innovation. We won’t be ignoring the day to day challenges many businesses are facing now around rising costs, issues around recruitment and the ever-increasing need for businesses to be more sustainable and inclusive.

“It will be an intensive 12-month period but a vital one for businesses in Greater Manchester and I am looking forward to playing a critical part in this.”