Date: 18/11/2020
Author: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Company: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Following the announcement today of Boris Johnson’s 10 point plan to kickstart a Green Industrial Revolution Chris Fletcher, Director of Policy & Communications at Greater Manchester Chamber, said: “This is a welcome announcement by government and comes at a crucial time in light of the current economic crisis created by the impact of Covid 19.

“For some time the government and indeed opposition parties have identified the crucial importance of tackling climate change by introducing a proper green strategy that doesn’t just solve the immediate environmental problems but rewrites what a successful low-carbon economy looks like.

“Whilst there are some ambitious proposals contained within the strategy such as the banning of all new sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 it is vital that the government doesn’t try and do this on the cheap. These proposals will need serious investment at a scale never seen before. As an example at present in GM we have a Clean Air Plan up for consultation and the scale of this will probably need more funding than the £150m currently on offer.

“Every opportunity must be taken to maximise job creation on the back of the strategy. With potentially record numbers of people looking for work on the back of the continued impact of Covid 19, a big, bold plan for a green industrial revolution should be the very way to create jobs for the future and put the UK ahead of the field in global expertise. It will need ambition to deliver this but the timing is absolutely right for this and it’s a welcome starting point for a future strategy.”