Chamber Welcomes New Skills White Paper

Date: 21/01/2021
Author: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Company: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Following the release today of the government's long awaited Skills for Jobs White Paper Chris Fletcher, Director of Policy at Greater Manchester Chamber, said: “Our members and ourselves welcome the release today of the Skills for Jobs White Paper and its ambition to put the skills needs of business right at the centre of Further Education.

“Chambers of Commerce have a track record of working closely with businesses and providers to make sure that the employer's voice is heard. This will become even more important over the coming months and years as business and communities look to rebuild after the massive impact that the Covid -19 pandemic has had. The White Paper builds on existing work and identifies new ways to ensure that qualifications, skills plans and strategies more closely reflect local needs and demands. It is imperative that what gets taught matches what business says it needs and the system must also be flexible enough to respond and adapt to new demands.

“We look forward to continuing to working with all organisations in playing a vital role in making the ambitions of this paper real and making sure that the supply, scope and scale of skills delivery in Greater Manchester matches what business needs now and in the future.”