Greater Manchester Chamber celebrates Engineering and Manufacturing in Greater Manchester

Date: 27/11/2019
Author: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Company: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

It has never been a better time to be a manufacturer or engineer in Greater Manchester.

The region has ambitious plans to pioneer the next Industry 4.0 through innovation, research, developing STEM skills and more and throughout November Greater Manchester Chamber has been celebrating some notable members who are doing great things!

We’re finding more engineers and manufacturers have the need to collaborate due to the increasing pressure to adopt new technologies and compete in a new, complex environment.

Luckily, engineers and manufacturers have access to some great support to not only embark on digital transformation, but also access talent across the whole of Greater Manchester.

Throughout November, the Chamber celebrated all that is good about the Engineering and Manufacturing sector on our Membership Twitter page, featuring six companies who are enabling change for local businesses.

We will be continuing to celebrate the industry and discuss the current issues affecting the industry at our Engineering and Manufacturing Review this Friday (29/11/19). The event is free to attend and will feature a panel from Manchester Metropolitan University, MAN Energy Solutions IN4.0 and more…

The campaign featured:

  • Dicey Tech Ltd: We celebrated their recent workshop where they took 40 students aged 13-16 from schools across Manchester on an immersive session at the Bright Building in Manchester Science Park, where they competed in teams to build the best autonomous vehicles, taught by industry professionals. You can read more here.
  • Oxford Road Corridor: We celebrated the exciting developments and vast eco-system on Oxford Road that has enabled Manchester to pilot SMART Cities and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies of which generates a significant amount of data that can be leveraged for the E&M Industry. You can read more here
  • 0 Group: We celebrated their current ACCESS disruptive innovation accelerator programme to enable fast growth and digital transformation for the 25 Greater Manchester and Lancashire based manufacturers. You can learn more here
  • Print City: We celebrated Manchester Metropolitan Universities Print City who provide expertise and facilities to make even the most ambitious projects a reality, for both businesses and students. You can read about the great work they do here
  • Union Papertech: We celebrated how they’re manufacturing 100% biodegradable filtration paper which, in today's current economy showcases how local Greater Manchester businesses are looking to solve complex environmental issues through their products and services. You can read more here
  • MAN Energy Solutions: to round off the features, Wayne Jones OBE, Man Energy Solutions Global Sales and After Sales, answered a few questions about the Manufacturing and Engineering sector, discussing how he got into the sector, the misconceptions of the industry and a look to the future. You can read the full Q&A here

We’d like you to get involved in the campaign by letting us know how young people can be encouraged to pursue a career in Engineering and Manufacturing.

You can let us know your thoughts by answering our poll here