How to cut costs during a crisis

Date: 09/11/2020
Author: GM Chamber Utilities
Company: GM Chamber Utilities

Recent events have put enormous financial pressures on businesses large and small. And with energy bills continuing to rise, it’s important to look for ways to become more efficient where possible. Utility bills form a large part of a company’s overall costs, but GM Chamber Utilities can help you reduce your running costs by helping you improve your business’ energy efficiency.

We offer a range of solutions for businesses looking to become more efficient - from employee engagement programmes, through to smart metering, LED lighting and energy management software. Our team has years of experience in energy optimisation and can assess your needs to find the right approach for you.

Net Zero

Not only will energy efficiency help you cut costs, but you’ll be also helping to support the Government’s aims in reaching net zero. If you haven’t already heard the term, ‘net zero’, then you’ll undoubtedly be hearing a lot about it in the years to come. Faced with the very real threat of a climate emergency, the UK Government made a ground-breaking pledge back in June to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.  It’s clear that for us to reach our emissions target, the Government needs businesses and other organisations to get on board.

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