Meet the Team: Antoine Agricole – International team intern

Date: 15/08/2018
Author: Libby Butler
Company: GMCC

Libby Butler talks to Antoine Agricole  about his role at the Chamber. 

Antoine is at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce on a three-month internship with the International Trade Team. Antoine is here as part of his university degree in International Economic Affairs at the University of Toulouse-Jean Jaures in France.

With a previous exchange year in Japan, Antoine has plenty of experience working with international clients, which is a key role in his job at the Chamber alongside promoting our international services. He often helps businesses with export advice between businesses and has attended an export documentation course, furthering his knowledge on this subject to pass on to our members. Many members don’t know how to tackle or even identify their exporting issues, which is where Antoine steps in. He has also created a tool for businesses to use which allows them to help themselves out with some issues regarding exporting.

Moreover, he enjoys photography in his free time and says one of the most enjoyable roles he plays for the international team is the designing and marketing of his services. Such as leaflet and information packs on health and safety, exporting guidelines, uses for associates and chamber protect. However, his favourite thing to do is the NW trade reports; where he uses reliable statistics from the government and presents them to businesses. These show current international business trends so those considering expanding internationally know where their product or service is most used.

He comments how he never expected his experiences here so far to have so much range from surveys to training courses and design work; ‘according to my teachers at the university I was only going to do one specific thing out of my degree, but actually I have done a broad variety’. He is really interested in how all our teams are interconnected with one another and is appreciative that his days are always different.

The international team at the Chamber provide over 60 international based events every year proving how much international trade is available and how we can assist members with it.

Picture courtesy of Charles Schneider