100% Green(er) Tea Bags

Date: 14/03/2019
Author: Union Papertech
Company: Union Papertech

Union Papertech prides itself on being a market innovator.

One of its proudest recent developments is the production of 100% biodegradable filtration paper that it anticipates will hit the supermarket shelves in some of your favourite tea and coffee brands in 2019. 

Through working tirelessly in the lab, with months of rigorous testing by multiple tea and coffee companies and consumers, Union Papertech has developed a product which it believes will revolutionise the hot beverage industry. 

Recently, it’s been widely reported in the national news that one large tea company has had difficulties with its biodegradable paper. 

Union Papertech is confident that it doesn't have the same issues thanks to its Puri-Seal technology which not only keeps your favourite tea locked nicely in the bag but will keep its taste too! After that, pop it in your food waste and let nature break the 100% biodegradable bag down!

Union Papertech cares greatly about the environment, which is why it considers this new development as such a huge achievement for the company and for tea drinkers across the globe. The end result of this development is the overall reduction of global plastic waste with the same quality cup of tea. Now there’s something we can drink to! 

If you have any question on our 100% biodegradable paper or are interested in working with Union Papertech, feel free to get in touch.