A Port in the COVID -19 Storm Helping Your Business Navigate the Coronavirus Crisis

Date: 05/06/2020
Author: IT Labs
Company: IT Labs

IT Lab, is helping organisations across the UK, successfully navigate the requirements and challenges of a sudden, enforced remote working environment, by launching a free support hub providing information, tips and advice on remote working technologies and strategies.

As part of a group providing managed and professional IT services to hundreds of organisations, IT Lab witnessed an explosion in requests for advice on this very topic. In response, it created a COVID-19 Support Hub along with a raft of new and relevant guidance on popular remote working topics, such as Microsoft Teams. Within days of the lockdown coming into effect, organisations were able tap into the free webinars, blogs and FAQS on all things remote working, provided by the IT Lab Group.

“We established the hub because we wanted to give people and organisations affected by the lockdown, whether clients or not, a go-to place for help,” said Alex Stone, IT Lab’s Group Marketing Director. “If they need more in-depth support they can also get answers to their specific questions through the hub and connect with a variety of our technology and remote working experts, all free of charge.

“When we set up this hub, in a matter of hours, our primary concern was to help people, end-users and organisations staring into the face of lockdown, and enforced remote working, with useful, helpful and above all free information.

We were, and still are, acutely aware that this pandemic has had an impact on us all, one way or the other. I think it’s fair to say that post-COVID, organisations will be remembered for how they responded to the crisis, and how they, if they were able, supported their customers and people.  

“Like everyone else, we’ve not been entirely unscathed and had to make decisions to safeguard our future – and our employees. But we’ve done so in a way that’s been transparent and fair. And the lessons we’ve learned are shared in the hub. For example, our Chief People Officer gave a frank account of how our leadership team managed our employee comms against a backdrop of unpredictable and fast-moving news. The webinar is available to watch on-demand and it’s well worth a watch.”

As organisations begin thinking about a return to the workplace, the demand for advice is shifting from remote collaboration tools to facing the future with a renewed resilience. IT Lab is now being called on to provide information on other solutions and services, with scalability, remote access and performance all core.

In response, the hub has evolved to cover topics such as the Microsoft Managed Desktop, SharePoint, Power Apps, and company intranets. “No one is expecting that things will return to as they were, and IT teams will have a pivotal role to play,” added Jonathan Broadley, IT Lab’s Head of Marketing Execution.

“For example, working hours may be staggered, and there will likely be a permanent shift in how meetings are conducted, with an element of remote participation becoming the norm. We predict that internal comms will become a standard boardroom agenda point, so that, wherever employees are, they feel connected to their company.”

As well as helping people get to grips with new tools – which were by necessity thrust upon them as they worked in kitchens and bedrooms across the land, the hub includes in-depth advice for IT pros.

We applaud the NHS and key workers for their dedication and commitment in these challenging times. But you could say that IT people are the hidden gems of this crisis, as they’ve strived to keep ‘UK PLC’ working in conditions that have pushed us apart, but strangely brought us closer together.

To explore the hub – which is updated regularly, or reach out to specialists in modernising workplaces, Microsoft solutions, cybersecurity and more, visit:  https://info.contentandcode.com/covid-19-response-support-hub.