Acclaimed Artist Jamie Lawson Films Brand New Music Video at Market Place

Date: 18/03/2019
Author: Market Place
Company: Market Place

Market Place in Bolton is thrilled to announce that Jamie Lawson’s latest music video, which was filmed at the centre in February, has now been released.  The reception to the video has already been amazing, with the public saying how positive, humorous and happy it is.

The concept of the video was to show how love gives you this happy, walking on air, bouncing feeling… so Jamie and his team came up with either trampolining or space hopping as the theme of the video. Jamie was quite a pro at space hopping so that idea was progressed. The central idea was that Jamie would bounce around a shopping centre spreading love and having couples join in as he bounced around the centre.

The production company, Sitcom Soldiers, made the video and suggested Market Place would be the perfect shoot location due to its open light space, which they knew would look great on camera.

The day of filming was very successful. All the staff at Market Place were very cooperative and helped it run smoothly, being kind enough to move anything Jamie needed. The production company were extremely professional and easy to work with and the day went without a hitch (except when a space hopper went flying and got trapped under the rotating arm of the escalator).

Jamie Lawson said: “I thought the architecture of Market Place was stunning. The ornate Victorian roof and the basement Vaults provided a beautiful and interesting backdrop to our quirky space hopping video concept.  It being so close to home made me happy too.  I was finished and home in time for Eggheads!”

Jamie continued: “The staff were amazing and all very kind and helpful. The cleaners were ace and did a great cameo in the video, helping to set the story up. The strangest thing was how most customers seemed to walk straight by without batting an eyelid whilst I bounced past them on a space hopper, as though a man on a space hopper in the middle of town is an everyday occurrence… which maybe it is in Bolton. Now everyone wants a space hopper again!”

Nikki Wilson-Cook, Centre Manager, Market Place, said: "Jamie was utterly charming to work with and worked so well with our customers and staff. They loved getting involved and the end result is superb. The essence of Market Place was captured perfectly, highlighting our iconic and historic architecture and huge range of high street and independent stores. If Jamie wants to come back and film his next video with us we would more than oblige!”