Accountants and Payroll: Keep your clients happy without losing your mind

Date: 27/11/2018
Author: Alex Livingston
Company: Payescape

Payroll has historically been a painful piece of the Accounting business. Manual entry, time cards, trying to keep track of legislative changes – nothing about payroll is easy! With new data privacy and security regulations, payroll has only become more complicated. Accountants have to manage all aspects of their clients’ businesses, so naturally payroll is a big part of the day-to-day operations. Keeping your clients happy while managing complicated - and often manual - payroll processes can be a challenge for even the most patient accountant.

There is some good news: payroll software has advanced over the last several years and is now helping accountants easily manage payroll processing, HMRC filing, and more. Gone are the manual calculations, paper timesheets, and emails back and forth from a client. Your clients can now add employee details, make changes, and approve payroll all within a web-based tool that is accessible from any mobile device or computer.

Payroll software also updates with every regulation change, so you never have to worry about new payroll legislation – it is all handled within the payroll software. GDPR changes also require secure methods of data transfer when it comes to employee data, so your payroll software allows you to provide payslips and P60s within the software as well. Employees can directly access their personal details to make simple address and bank changes, and retrieve their documents from the self-service portal. 

Now that payroll software has evolved, what does that mean for Accountants? First, you can easily manage client payroll, not have to agonize over manual entry or potential for error, and you can ensure compliant payroll for each client. The second benefit is now you can consider offering payroll services to all of your clients and start a new revenue stream for your Accounting practice!

Payroll software for Accountants has changed the way you can manage your practice, gives you access to customised reporting, employee self-service portals for your clients, and resources to help manage more client payroll with less stress. See how easy managing client payroll can be with payroll software solutions. To learn more about Payescape payroll services, click here


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