Are you up-to-date with changes in payroll regulations in new tax year 2019/20?

Date: 14/03/2019
Author: Ella Nham
Company: DTE Business Advisers

As the new tax year of 2019/20 is coming soon, various changes to payroll regulations will also soon come into effect.

Are you fully aware of these and have you made necessary preparations to make sure your business will comply with those changes?

To help you plan better in managing your payroll before the new tax year, DTE Payroll have collated a comprehensive document that provides businesses with helpful payroll updates.

The newsletter includes changes in the following areas:

* Income Tax Thresholds 2019/20
* Student Loan & Postgraduate Loan Rates 2019/20
* Guidance on Payslips
* Auto Enrolment Pension Changes
* Holiday Pay Calculations on overtime and commission
* National Minimum & Living Wage (Effective from 1st April 2019)
* Employment Allowance and Apprenticeship Levy
* Payrolling Benefits In Kind
* MyePayWindow – Epayslip Customers

To view the full newsletter, please follow this link:

If you require assistance or have any question about the newsletter above, please contact our team on 0161 767 1213 or email