Back-to-work Products Sourcing

Date: 15/06/2020

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce's Strategic Partner Crayfish provides an online platform, the “Crayfish® Marketplace” where businesses who require provision of certain goods and/or services, and service providers who can meet such requirement can connect and transact with each other. 

We would like to put our online platform technology to good use during these unprecedented times, and therefore have added sourcing of PPE and other "back to work" products /services onto our online Marketplace, by making the whole procurement of these products easier, safer for businesses,  especially if the volume is not large enough to justify sourcing directly from factories.  

None of the products available via our suppliers were intended for medical use, and as such have not been sourced at the expense of any medical practices.

Available products:

- 3 ply F

- Hand Sanitiser

- N95 Facemaks

For more information on this service from Crayfish please contact