Beat the queues and COVID-19

Date: 18/06/2020
Author: YooQoo
Company: YooQoo

Beat the queues and COVID-19

With retail stores across the country preparing to open their doors again over the next few weeks, social distancing and the safety of customers and staff will remain a priority. With that in mind, KB Logic – responsible for groundbreaking hospitality management software Avenista – have created YooQoo, ensuring customers can beat the rush and COVID-19 in one go!

YooQoo is an innovative and easy-to-use app designed to support businesses of all types, from retail outlets, pubs, visitor attractions, to private office spaces. Once the app is configured, customers and clients can pre-book a time slot directly on your website to avoid queuing outside and remain safe inside. At the same time, business owners can clearly demonstrate they are adhering to social distancing guidelines by managing daily visitor numbers and footfall passing through their doors.

Kerry Beswick, director of KB Logic, said:

“We all want to get back to business, but we all want to be safe too. We knew businesses were desperate to re-open but as many have found out, re-opening with social distancing restrictions inevitably results in stressful, image-damaging queues and grumpy customers. For some other businesses it meant that they couldn’t even consider re-opening. We knew it didn’t have to be this way because we’ve spent years solving problems just like this for the hospitality industry. So, we brought together the best of our technology and built the YooQoo app. It’s trivially simple to use and our team can get a business up and running in minutes. It’s great for customers and businesses; just a brilliant, simple tool to help everyone manage the ‘new normal’.”

Why use YooQoo?

The coronavirus has impacted the commercial landscape in unprecedented ways and as business owners attempt to return to some sort of normality, apps like YooQoo will play a pivotal role. Once the high street and other sectors are given the green light to reopen, companies of all sizes need to establish efficient and cost-effective ways of maintaining COVID-19 safety measures. YooQoo offers the perfect solution to ease concerns of both customers and businesses, reducing queues, minimising stress and managing safety concerns all in one go.

Simplicity is key with YooQoo, making it easy for customers to reserve a time slot at their favourite store ahead of time. Upon arrival, all you have to do is show your confirmation to the person on the door and you can enter the store with minimum hassle. It means no more waiting outside shops in long distanced queues, worried whether or not the items you are shopping for will be sold out by the time you reach the front.

Customers can choose to opt in or out of receiving email updates from brands when it comes to promotions, changes to opening times and more. For businesses this presents a fantastic opportunity to capture valuable customer data to understand more about their audience, and to develop relevant marketing campaigns customers will engage with.

Transforming the way you shop

YooQoo has already been trialled in a small number of stores and has received glowing reviews from users. John Foley, owner of Holden Clough Nursery, had this to say: “We’ve managed to triple our sales from a third of the footfall!” And it’s not just business owners that are benefiting from this software. Alex, a shopper at Holden Clough, recently left a review stating: “Just been to my booked slot. What a well organised safe and enjoyable experience, well done!”

More than ever customer safety has to be at the centre of the shopping experience and innovative solutions like YooQoo will positively transform the way we shop until a long-term solution to COVID-19 is found.

KB Logic have been developing hospitality software solutions since 1992, creating and developing their own software in-house. Avenista launched in 2002 and has since spread globally helping hospitality professionals in every corner of the world.

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