Being Productive During Unprecedented Times

Date: 30/04/2020
Author: Julie Gaertner
Company: Payescape

There is doubt, panic, and fear across companies right now. Uncertainty for the future, delays to new projects, and hesitation to move forward. How can you help your team use this time to be productive?

While companies are suddenly working remotely, trying to manage daily operations, and using technology in new ways, it is a great opportunity to use this time effectively and productively. Clear out any challenges you have been putting off, start moving forward on projects you were procrastinating, and make sure you can avoid the scramble and headaches when business resumes back to “normal”.

Looking at how you currently use technology, what processes or tasks you can simplify with new technology, and how integration can help manage operations more efficiently are a great place to start. Sometimes the “simple” tasks can be the most time-consuming and take away from business initiatives that can help the company grow.

Payroll, HR administration, and time management are fundamentals for every business that when in place can organise and make companies more fluid and increase efficiencies. Payroll and HR teams often use the same employee data to manage different operations, but utilise different technology. Integrating your payroll, HR, and time management saves resources and budget across multiple teams, and ensures data is secure and accurate. To learn more about easy-to-use payroll, HR, and time management solutions, talk to us or schedule a quick demo:

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