Brexit Checklist 6

Date: 01/08/2018
Author: Pauline Puig
Company: GMCC

To help businesses consider the changes that might happen following Brexit, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) have developed a Business Brexit Checklist. This checklist aims to provide support to companies at both operational and board levels.

Although the European Union and the UK have not yet reached a final agreement, there are a few steps that companies can already start undertaking to plan ahead.

Over the coming weeks we will be focusing on things to look out for to get your business ready for Brexit.


As a ‘third country’, UK exporters to the European Union may in the future may be required to make customs declaration and comply with customs procedures. If it happens, this will affect the 200,000 companies that are currently trading within the EU from the UK, some of them focusing only on the European market and not used to apply these procedures.

At the moment, sending goods from a European Country to another is not qualified as an ‘export’ but as a ‘dispatch’ as it is taking place within the customs union and are subject to a completely different process. If these were to become ‘exports’, having qualified staff able to comply with customs procedures will be a critical step for UK businesses to undertake as similar processes than those for exports outside of the European Union might apply within the EU post-Brexit.

Although we do not know what the current negotiations will lead to, businesses should be getting ready for this possibility either by hiring staff with the skills to deal with potential customs changes or training your current staff to prepare them. Your local Chamber of Commerce can provide both ongoing support and relevant training.

Here at the Greater Manchester Chamber, we offer a wide range of international trade training courses as well as bespoke and in-house courses. Please see here for more details.

If you’d like to find out more about Customs Compliance when Exporting and Importing, please join us at our next International Trade Forum on 18th September hosted and sponsored by Expeditors.

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