Buck Brexit by saving your money

Date: 26/03/2019
Author: Shopit
Company: Shopit

Whatever happens with Brexit, one thing will never change - your ambition. Your desire to grow nationally and internationally.

Brexit may bring pricing and profitability changes but the ongoing focus will certainly be on taking the world’s 5th biggest economy to worldwide shores.

This is why Shopit brings GMCC members an exclusive and timely offer to take your business to the next level.

What is Shopit?

Shopit is an enterprise level eCommerce platform offering richer features than Shopify, lower development costs than Magento, and a more cost effective pricing model than all our competitors. We natively offer the ability to manage multiple websites and marketplaces from the same single admin, meaning you can sell the same SKUs under different brands and different languages, to different customer bases, and grow your breadth.

Raise profitability

Stop giving 40% margin away to your resellers and BECOME your own reseller. By going direct to your consumer you raise your profits, and dictate your marketing reach - you centralise control.

Some of our really savvy clients actually operate B2B sites to support distance selling to wholesalers, whilst also creating their own B2C sites ‘buying from themselves’.

Whatever your strategy, Shopit is the next generation platform for you. Tiered ‘bronze/silver/gold’ pricing packages are dying out as they require an upfront commitment and yet offer limited functionality. Our Pay as you Grow model means you can begin creating your sales channels, manage your global inventory and play with marketing strategies before you even pay. As a Google Technology Partner we offer the greatest hosting infrastructure network available - and we price based on usage.

Our offer

We are offering Greater Manchester Chamber members a website and platform licence worth £1000 to begin their multi site and/or international strategy. We have a series of customisable templates, a network of designers and marketers than can help you, and more features and functionality you can shake a stick at.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help, get in touch at exportbritain@gmchamber.co.uk