Business Recovery and Payroll

Date: 09/07/2020
Author: Julie Gaertner
Company: Payescape

Business recovery is going to take some time, but companies are starting to prepare for regular operations to get back up and running. With employees returning to the office and remote work continuing, business operations may not look like they did before the pandemic began. Optimising your technology and simplifying daily operations has never been more important.

Payroll is one of the largest budget expenses and not always the easiest to manage – especially when your teams are not in the office. Using a cloud-based payroll technology platform, you can securely manage employee payroll from any device, whether you are working remote or in the office. Employees can safely access payslips and provide updates to personal information so your payroll team is not buried in paperwork.

Integration is another benefit of using cloud-based payroll technology. You can enter employee details once and the data is shared between your payroll and HR tools. Integrated payroll and HR admin reduces time and resources spent on utilising the same data, reduces manual entry errors, and allows employees to update information in one place and ensure accuracy.

Now is the time to review your payroll and HR solutions to make sure you are getting the most out of your technology and resources. Payescape offers cloud-based payroll, integrated HR and time management tools. Your teams can easily manage payroll and HR admin, ensure compliance with HMRC, and reduce time spent managing the same data. Click here to learn more:

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