Can you help Action on Hearing Loss to #SilenceTinnitus?

Date: 23/01/2019
Author: Action on Hearing Loss
Company: Action on Hearing Loss

Noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus are increasingly urgent health issues, with four million young people at risk of hearing damage from amplified music.

Nearly one in two people across the UK (43%) have experienced tinnitus. The number rises to over half (53.4%) for those aged 18 to 24 years old.

Here’s why Action on Hearing Loss needs your help!

A student led project at Manchester University seeks to raise awareness about this issue with a live music event on February 13th called Don’t Lose the Music. This event will bring together an array of musicians who will be playing their music at safe levels to remind everyone that you can love music and still protect your hearing. We will also have guest speakers from the music industry who have developed tinnitus as a result of exposure to excessively loud music to help warn music lovers of the risks they face if they do not listen to music responsibly.

Action on Hearing Loss would like to invite businesses from Greater Manchester who support its aims to sponsor the event to help it reach as many people as possible, if this event is successful it is planned to run it on a regular basis.

Sponsorship options:

  • £30 donation: your leaflets will be added to the gift bags that will go out to all attendees.
  • £50 donation: a table top stand and leaflets in the gift bags.
  • £100 donation: A table top strand at the event to promote your goods and services, leaflets in bags, mentioned on the evening and in marketing materials for the event.

The money received from these donations will go towards the running of the event, any surplus donations received will be invested back into research to help Action on Hearing Loss find a cure for tinnitus.

Please help #SilenceTinnitus

For more information on sponsoring this project please contact Alison Winter / 07984 154 537