Capita TI releases new telephone interpreting system

Date: 23/01/2018
Author: Capita TI
Company: Capita TI

Capita TI already provides a high-quality face-to-face interpreting service to the public sector, which includes police forces, NHS organisations and local government organisations. However, Capita LiveLINK is not just suitable for the public sector, but any organisation who needs to communicate with non-English speakers immediately.

This cutting-edge telephone interpreting service is available in 250 languages, 24 hours per day.

Historically, face-to-face interpreting has been the preferred method of communicating with non-English speakers, but due to the critical nature of the work the public sector undertakes, and the increase of globalisation in the private sector, more and more organisations are now looking for an immediate solution.

Capita LiveLINK is that solution.

How does the platform work?

Clients connect to LiveLINK via the telephone, web, or smartphone app, then they simply select the required language and connect to an interpreter.

The great thing about Capita LiveLINK is its flexibility, as you can set up a third-party conference call, or reconnect to the interpreter after the call has ended.

The key benefit of Capita LiveLINK is that it saves time, as there is no need to speak to an operator, and it’s so easy to access.

We have established our own pool of experienced interpreters to provide the Capita LiveLINK service, meaning we have full-control over the pool, allowing us to enhance the service to meet our clients’ requirements.

Your interpreting partner of choice

Capita TI wants to be the language service partner of choice, and it sees technology as central to this aim. Allowing clients to access this enables Capita TI to improve its offering, providing an enhanced client experience, and a more efficient service for the end user.

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