Car experts release exclusive online tool that calculates your car’s festive power.

Date: 01/12/2023
Author: Philipa Wynne
Company: Swansway Motor Group

Is your vehicle up to the challenge this festive season? Car experts have released an exclusive calculator. Find out how many of Santa’s reindeer you would need to power your car over the festive period with Swansway’s Reindeer Calculator:

The run-up to Christmas can often include lots of errands to run, from last-minute shopping to card deliveries, perhaps even visiting family members across the country. To get into the festive spirit this Christmas, Crewe-based family-owned Swansway Motor Group and their sister company Motor Match, are bringing a sprinkle of magic to car owners and their Christmas journeys.

With their innovative and interactive tool, you can find out how many reindeer it would take to pull your vehicle. Simply enter your registration and the magic Reindeer Calculator will reveal how many reindeer it would take to pull your car, it will also tell you how many elves and gifts you can carry along the way, which is important information when you consider the help you’ll need to complete your Christmas shopping in time for the big day.

Swansway’s Christmas team said “We've integrated our passion for cars with the festive spirit to create something truly unique. Our interactive page isn’t just about numbers; it's a journey into a world where every family car has a role in Santa's mission.”

Whether you drive a small hatchback or a large SUV, this festive campaign from the North West-based dealer group allows you to reimagine your vehicle’s potential in the context of the magical tale of Rudolph flying Santa’s sleigh.

“It's about sparking imagination and bringing a sense of wonder to families across the North West and beyond, we're looking forward to seeing how our customers react to imagining their cars in this new, magical context’

Swansway’s head of Christmas cheer, comments on the campaign's aim: ‘We want to connect with customers beyond the usual ways this Christmas. This campaign mixes technology, creativity, and holiday fun. We invite everyone to join, share their experiences, and enjoy the festive spirit.”

This fun, fast and free-to-use online tool offers families across the UK a little bit of magic to make those Christmas car journeys more enchanting. So why not find out whether you’ll need Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen or the whole reindeer crew? Swansway Motor Group are inviting everyone to join in with the festive fun and share their calculations online with #ReindeerPower