Chamber Holds Doing Business in Asia Pacific Event

Date: 18/01/2018
Author: GMCC Asia Pacific Team
Company: GMCC Asia Pacific Team

On Friday the 12th January 2018, the Chamber launched its GMCC Asia Pacific office with a Doing Business in Asia Pacific event.

With over 40 companies in attendance, Dr Amita Krishna, who heads up the GMCC Asia Pacific Office, gave a presentation on doing business in the region and how to succeed. Fifteen companies had 1-2-1 meetings on the day with the Chamber's market specialists, showing that the region is of great interest to Greater Manchester companies and could be the start of some great new development projects.

The ASEAN region of Asia Pacific covers over one third of the world’s population alone. The event covered the abundance of opportunities that UK businesses can tap into out there, as well as some of the challenges that they may encounter. A love of British brands is still strong and it’s key that UK businesses take advantage of this.

The fact that M&S, Tesco and Barclays are already in the region shows the potential for British brands and allows SMEs to follow suit.

Rapidly growing economies in the region are presenting vast trade and investment opportunities for UK businesses. For your next step, get in touch with the GMCC Asia Pacific team. They can help reduce risk and offer practical on the ground guidance.

If you are interested in learning more about GMCC Asia Pacific or would like support with the region, please email