Chamber Team Have an A-maze-ing Time

Date: 16/04/2019
Author: Myles Hamilton
Company: GMCC

On the 4th April, Greater Manchester Chamber sent out six brave souls on an epic quest to try and tackle hit 90s TV show The Crystal Maze.

Nerves and excitement were in the air as we scurried along to the venue, a discreet building down an alley close to Elliot House and upon arrival we were greeted to a grandiose painting of the Crystal Maze hero Richard O’Brien.

What had we signed ourselves up for? No one was quite sure.

Boiler suits, nostalgic TV and… Billy Brooklyn, Richard O’Brien’s maverick stand-in host teleported us back to the 90s. And what a replacement Billy was. Billy introduced himself with a long comical monologue of how he and O’Brien had met at an illicit poker game one night in New York and, after a heated debate, Billy Brooklyn had stolen the revered crystals and escaped to the maze.

It was our job to try and get them back.

After checking no undercover police were present, we followed the outlaw Billy Brooklyn and entered the Crystal Maze.

Billy appointed our own Phillip Murphy (aka Crazy Joe) to become the team captain, whilst Lea-Anne Gardner (aka Knuckles) was nominated to ensure our spirits remained high. Our team name was The Good Eggs.

Just like the TV show, we had to beat multiple time challenges in four different universes (Aztec, Medieval, Future and Industrial). The physical challenges seemed to be our forte (although one team member tragically ripped their pants on task one) the other categories… we certainly gave a good go.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience. If you ever want to know a colleague’s real concentration face, take them to The Crystal Maze and marvel at how the cogs in their brain frantically try to defeat a series of audacious problems the Crystal Maze presents.

To compliment the tasks, Billy also provided us with an insoluble riddle: What is the same as a reflection, but you can’t see yourself? If you get it, let us know!

You’ll experience laughter, dodgy American accents and of course the infamous crystal zone which requires skills, teamwork and persistence to collect as many gold tickets as possible. It’s as accurate as any crystal maze fan would hope for and we give it top marks for a day out with the team.