Change your game - Funded GTD coaching available

Date: 11/01/2019
Author: Miles Seecharan
Company: Next Action Associates

Working in partnership with the Growth Company, Next Action Associates have a limited amount of funded 1-to-1 Executive Productivity coaching available for Greater Manchester SMEs.

In an intensive 2-day coaching programme, you will learn and implement the acclaimed GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology, a way of working that enables you to get things done more quickly, more easily and with a lot less stress.

"I can honestly say that GTD has changed my life dramatically for the better. As a result of GTD, I'm faster, less stressed, more able to make decisions and happier at work and in life. I would positively urge you to go out and get this incredible material for yourself and your teams - it has been
one of the best personal and professional investment decisions I've ever made!"

Spencer Hanlon
Chief Operating Officer,
Lufthansa AirPlus International

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