Check-in solutions for the hospitality industry

Date: 24/06/2020
Author: Guest HQ
Company: Guest HQ

During our last blog, we highlighted that Check-In solutions are pivotal in creating the new norm and we noted that GuestHQ has successfully launched in New Zealand.

I contacted GuestHQ’s CEO Richard McLeod to find out more about the associated issues, the reason behind the development and why it’s being embraced by venues and customers. At the time of speaking, over 5,000 sites had registered with over 1,000,000 check-ins in New Zealand, which is considerable considering the limited population, and it is gaining global recognition.

GuestHQ was the brainchild of Richard McLeod who has almost twenty years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Richard has founded and operated a successful chain of bars along with a SaaS software company specialising within the hospitality sector, so it’s fair to say Richard appreciates and understands our market.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, New Zealand has gained a reputation of “going strong” with their strategy. Vulnerable venues, i.e. bars, restaurants etc. along with other retail operations, have either been required to, or have voluntarily kept a customer register which the government could access over a set period to assist in track-trace. As you can imagine this provides a potential issue in managing footfall. Richard McLeod identified a need and the Loaded developers produced the solution in record time. Interest was immediate as stakeholders’ appreciated the importance of GuestHQ being part of a solution in the COVID-19 new norm. As Richard alluded, contact tracing is not one solution it is a patchwork and every part helps.

So what is GuestHQ? Well…

  • It works! as over 1,000,000 check-ins to date proves this
  • Is simple to use
  • Has a great support system
  • Secure through military-grade encryption
  • Fully compliant data security and data privacy
  • Data only ever released if requested by New Zealand Ministry of Health to aid with contract tracing
  • Complies with International Health Authority requirements
  • The most widely used CheckIn system for Hospitality in New Zealand and Australia
  • Develops a customer relationship

Our business relies significantly on walk-in customers so it is vitally important that there’s a standard, fast and simple way that people can access our stores.  We are hopeful GuestHQ will become the standard application so shoppers don’t have to use countless different methods to check-in to venues.

says Mike Beagley, owner of Rodd & Gunn in a Hospitality Magazine article.


Is it needed in the UK?

  • Do we do nothing as an industry of individuals and hope the UK government app works?
  • Can we embrace and implement a similar solution which reduces the customer anxiety of visiting our sites?
  • What about a 2nd or 3rd wave? Sky reported 4/6/2020 “At least 11 countries have reimposed restrictions…”Will you have a customer relationship developed to stay in touch? – Would you like a customer relationship now to help to re-open, or is word of mouth enough?

Here at Kegcheck, we consider that such a solution could help those same stakeholders here in the UK as those in New Zealand and as is being embraced in Australia, with other check-in solutions being implemented worldwide.

If you wish to find out more about GuestHQ please visit their website