Cresta Business Travel launches new website ahead of 50th anniversary

Date: 24/05/2018
Author: Cresta Business Travel
Company: Cresta Business Travel

Cresta Business Travel has unveiled a new website and package of services to ensure it is still at the leading-edge of its sector after nearly  50 years in business.

A radical overhaul of the company’s internal management structure, a partnership with Traveldoo, and a new website are just some of the changes at the Altrincham-based business that looks after the global travel arrangements of some of the region’s largest companies and SME’s.

Clients of Cresta who prefer to book online or via their mobile device, will now be able to take advantage of the award-winning Traveldoo app to book all components of their journey, 24 hours a day.  Featuring an expense management function, the app will also save business travellers the hassle of completing time-consuming expense forms.

Cresta’s bespoke Insight Management Reporting software is also available to clients 24 hours a day.  As well as enabling companies to set budget parameters, the system provides detailed expense and management reports in a format to suit individual client requirements.  It also means Cresta’s team of travel advisers can access detailed information about client travel preferences in order to provide an ultra-personal and tailored service. 

Denise Fraser, Director of Cresta Business Travel, said: “Ours is a hugely competitive sector and we must continually invest in our technology to ensure we maintain our position as one of the UK’s leading business travel agencies.

“That said, personal service is still the number one feature of our offer.  We still love speaking with clients and handling all the bookings and arrangements on their behalf.  These can often be quite complex, which is where our vast experience comes into its own.  Invariably, we offer insights and advice to save them time and money, and ultimately make their travel as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

“In short, we have technology that gives clients autonomy to book travel themselves coupled with a highly personal service for those that value a more traditional approach.”

The level of personal service provided by Cresta was highlighted in research conducted about the company, which works with a wide range of industry sectors, including construction, financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and sport.

The research revealed that customers viewed the Cresta team as heroes, which sparked the idea of putting them ‘centre stage’ as super heroes in the company’s new website.

As Denise explains: “We wanted to stand out from our competitors and really focus on what makes us better.  Our continued investment in technology and partnerships is vital but our greatest strength is our personal service which really does set us apart. Everyone in our team takes stress and hassle away from clients, and because of this, they are viewed as true travel heroes.”