Critical Dates for Year End Payroll Reporting

Date: 27/05/2020
Author: Julie Gaertner
Company: Payescape

Payroll teams report to HMRC in real time every pay period. However for the last pay period of the tax year, payroll teams have additional deadlines to meet. Here are some critical dates to be aware of for 2020 payroll reporting:

• End of Year On the last pay period of tax year, a Final full payment submission (FPS) on or before 5th April.

• Employer Payment Summary (EPS) Reporting: Due on or before 19th April for companies that did not submit their final FPS for their end of year reporting or have statutory recovery, CIS or Apprenticeship levy to be reported.

• P60s – An Employer by law must give the employees their P60 by 31st May

• Benefits in Kind (BIK) Reporting: An employer must register Online with HMRC by 5th April, if the company wants to payroll any benefits in real time for the incoming tax year.

• P11D Reporting: Due to HMRC by 6th July each year and includes any additional BIK a company provides to an employee that is not captured through payroll e.g. health insurance, company car, preferential staff loan, business travel mileage. Depending on the type of benefit, you may need to report to HMRC. Employers then have until 19th July to pay their Class 1A NI contribution to HMRC.

These are just a few critical dates for End of Year reporting to HMRC. If your payroll team needs help simplifying employee payroll and end of year reporting, we can help. Payescape provides easy-to-use cloud-based payroll technology with customised reporting so you can manage daily operations and year-end reporting quickly and securely. To learn more, visit:

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