Discretionary grants available for small businesses impacted by coronavirus

Date: 17/06/2020
Author: The Growth Company
Company: The Growth Company

Local authorities in Greater Manchester are allocating discretionary/top-up coronavirus grant funding of up to £25,000 to eligible small businesses and some self-employed small business owners.

The Government has identified four priority groups* to receive funding:

  • those in shared spaces
  • market traders
  • bed and breakfasts
  • charities

Discretionary/top up grants are designed to support those businesses which missed out on small business grant support because they did not have a business rates evaluation.

Eligible businesses are those with fewer than 50 employees, that are able to demonstrate decreased income due to coronavirus restriction measures.

There will be three levels of grant payments. The maximum will be £25,000. There will also be grants of £10,000. Local authorities will have discretion to make payments of any amount under £10,000. For details to date, visit the UK Government website here

To apply for the grant in your location visit the GC Business Growth Hub COVID-19 microsite, which details how to apply for the scheme with your Greater Manchester local authority.

Each local authority sets its own deadline for applications, so deadlines will differ across Greater Manchester. 

Local authorities may choose to make payments to other businesses based on local economic need. The allocation of funding will be at the discretion of local authorities.