Energy House 2.0 – Call for local low carbon research collaborators

Date: 02/09/2021
Author: University of Salford
Company: University of Salford

The Energy House 2.0 facility at the University of Salford is nearing completion and is expecting to open its doors early in 2022. This £16m investment is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and comprises two large environmental chambers each capable of accommodating two detached houses. The team are able to control weather conditions to allow repeatable experiments, allowing low carbon innovation to be rapidly evaluated.

During 2022 we will be working with our launch partners to construct four properties inside the Energy House 2.0 chambers. These will act as test beds for innovative low carbon technologies to be researched at the whole house level.  We are currently seeking businesses in Greater Manchester with innovative low carbon technologies that may benefit from a testing programme in the Energy House 2.0.  Technologies that can be applied to homes that will help reduce their carbon emissions will be considered. The University of Salford will work with the four launch partners to identify promising products and services that may be involved in the Energy House 2.0 research collaborations.  Successful applicants will have access to the chamber, provided free of charge. Interested businesses should get in touch for more details:  

Picture credit ©McCoy Wynne.