EU Settlement Scheme Deadline

Date: 18/01/2021
Author: Julie Gaertner
Company: Payescape

As the UK leaves the EU at the end of the year, there are new regulations for EU citizens that remain in the UK. The EU Settlement scheme was designed to provide EU, EEA, and Swiss Nationals with a path to live and work in the UK post-Brexit. This new immigration permission due to Brexit will be going into effect on 31 December. So how do you prepare your employees for the new changes and make sure you have the correct paperwork completed?

In order to be considered for settled status, applicants must have lived in the UK for the last 5 years, with certain exceptions. There are allowed absences, but it is important for your HR team to ensure the employees that are applying for settled status are in the UK before 31 December and they have submitted applications by the deadline to avoid potential issues with immigration.

Help your employees affected by the EU Settlement scheme by scheduling time to review paperwork, offering help with any issues related to the scheme, and providing assistance if they have family members that also need to apply for the scheme. Preparing your employees for the changes will ensure business continuity for your team and avoid payroll or compliance challenges down the road.

To learn more about the EU Settlement Scheme, visit:

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