Evidence from survivors supported by Hope for Justice helps convict traffickers

Date: 03/10/2018
Author: Susan Banister
Company: Hope for Justice

Eight members of a trafficking gang, some of whose victims have been supported by Manchester-based charity Hope for Justice, have been convicted of exploitation offences and are due to be sentenced on October 4th.

Hope for Justice has been supporting two of the victims of the gang since January 2015. Both survivors were key witnesses, but were homeless and destitute after their state-funded support provision ended.

Hope for Justice's Advocacy Team supported them to access accommodation, subsistence, alcohol support, healthcare and legal advice. It was a long process of continuous advocacy to get the relevant service providers to accept that they were entitled to these things as EEA nationals and/or as recognised victims of trafficking. Hope for Justice also referred both survivors for supported employment opportunities.

The Hope UK Advocacy team attended court each day with the survivors as they gave evidence.

More at: https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/news-appeals/trafficking-gang-convicted-west-yorkshire