Focus on Pakistan

Date: 11/04/2018
Author: GMCC
Company: GMCC

Pakistan is an emerging market of 207 million enterprising people. With vast natural resources and young population, Pakistan is a dynamic and rising economy that is brimming with potential.

Manufacturing of quality textile, leather, sports goods, cutlery / surgical products and agricultural / food products give Pakistan competitive advantage in global niche markets. With over £1.7 billion worth of trade annually, the United Kingdom is one of the biggest markets for Pakistan’s products. Top brands like John Lewis, Debenhams, Next, Marks & Spencer and many others are sourcing their products from Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan is very keen to further strengthen its trade relations with the UK post Brexit.

The presence of an elaborate IP protection mechanism, liberal investment policies and sound legal framework giving protection to foreign businesses make Pakistan a sought-after destination for investors. All the sectors are open to investment without any restrictions. As a result, there has been an ever-increasing foreign investment in the country. Currently, Pakistan is home to over 1000 international brands with more than 100 from UK only.

Trade agreements with neighbouring markets like China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and other countries of Asia Pacific and Middle East make Pakistan an ideal platform to invest and claim preferential access to these markets. The multi-billion dollars China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has also created multifarious avenues for trade and investment and is envisaged as a game changer for Pakistan’s economy as well as betterment of the whole region.

The Economic & Trade Wing, established in 2007 in Manchester is representing Government of Pakistan and constantly striving for the enhancement of bilateral trade and investment with the UK in general and North in particular. We engage with businesses, government bodies and chambers in the North of UK on a continuous basis as well as organize trade fairs, seminars and conferences for the development of stronger economic relations between the two countries. We also provide support and advice for business desirous of doing business with Pakistan.

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