Four reasons why your company should consider in-house training courses

Date: 29/01/2019
Author: GMCC
Company: GMCC

We have noticed an increase in demand for in-house training courses from both members and non-members. In-house courses carry many benefits, both financially and for staff. Please see below a list of four reasons why your company could benefit from an in-house course:

  1. Cost-efficient

When training four member of staff or more, it is always more cost-efficient for a business to get the trainer to come to its premises. The cost per delegate will end up lower than public courses, plus there is no need more employees to travel any further than their usual trip to their offices and will not incur extra costs.

  1. Tailored content

Getting a trainer to come and spend a half-day, or a full-day, on your premises means that the content will be tailored to your own company and staff attending the course. This allows more time to be dedicated to specific issues that your business is facing and to discuss real and current examples.

  1. Personal Development

This is the most cost-efficient option if you’re looking to train four employees or more and means you can invest in the personal development of more staff. It also encourages team building as, in some cases, attendees might be working in different department and this allows them to understand each other’s work and how they are intertwined. Raising awareness of the issues that each team is encountering will help them to review their own processes and improve them.

  1. Convenience

It is much more convenient to not travel to the public courses, especially if your business isn’t located in the centre of a big city. It is also convenient for you if you want to fit the course around your own working schedule. Plus, no hours of the working day will be wasted on travel between sites.

Our training courses can be delivered in house. For any enquiries, please contact