Free review to identify significant opportunities for your business

Date: 18/05/2020
Author: Lynn Ridgeway
Company: Fogg Associates Ltd

Opportunus, a growth consultancy based in the North West, is offering a FREE, no obligation, comprehensive review of your brand, product and marketing. Their review will help you to identify significant improvements across all areas of your business.

It may seem a lot to take on, especially at the moment, however it’s really quite simple. They start by reviewing where the opportunities to improve exist and then they use that clarity to prioritise what needs to be implemented in your own time.

Founder and CEO, Chris Fogg, has said, “We have been helping a lot of business owners to address how they communicate more effectively with their audiences and how that then manifests through their digital channels and their core product. By identifying ways to optimise their brand, product and marketing infrastructure our clients are seeing transformational uplifts in the results of their marketing strategies.”

To book your free business review send us an email on or book now on our website: