From Bricks to Clicks: The Virtual NHS Smart Estates Congress

Date: 30/10/2020
Author: Daniel Snape
Company: Convenzis Group Limited

Virtual NHS Smart Estates Congress

Innovative and forward-thinking technology is already being widely implemented across the NHS. For example, online consultations are changing the way patients access services, while smart sensors are enabling patients to be monitored remotely. Other changes include sharing of patient information across sites, supporting service integration, and the generation of huge amounts of data which can support the running of the estate. These and other changes are affecting the NHS estate in different ways.

The NHS is already on the path to delivering this future estate, however, there are several factors that need to be addressed ahead of this being fully achieved:

• Integrated, flexible plans – technology and the estate should be planned in an interoperable recognising the influence these areas have on one another.
• Planning as a system – planning estates and technology across organisations, both within and beyond the NHS, is an opportunity to make the most of shared resources.
• Learning from others and engaging widely – efforts to share learning across the NHS on technology and how it may affect the estate are invaluable.
• Funding – technology and estates projects both rely on capital funding, although increasingly technology also requires revenue investment.
• Infrastructure – use of technology in the NHS relies on having a robust infrastructure in place.
• National standards and regulation – national regulations and standards are key enablers for delivering technology and estates projects

Our, From Bricks to Clicks: The Virtual NHS Smart Estates Congress will take you on an interactive journey thought the world of NHS Smart estates and design, we will hear from some leading NHS and Commercial thought leaders while sharing best practice and policy.

We will explore how initiatives and programs including, 3D Models, Eproc & Supply chain, Analytics & Insights, IoT, Digital Twin and Data capture can provide an answer to some of the core issues being faced by NHS estates and facilities heads across the country.

• Sustainability.
• Optimising Asset and Resource Productivity and Performance
• Importance of Digital Measurement – “if you can’t measure it you can’t manage or improve it”.
• Holistic thinking ‘starting small, thinking big & scaling fast’.
• Interoperability V’s Proprietary.
• Real-time estate management; Priorities and Meeting Your Needs.

Join us as we delve into the world of the NHS Smart Estate.

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As our journey through the world of virtual conferences and networking continues, we have made changes to our hosting platform with the aim of providing a more streamlined and interactive experience for delegates.

We will now be hosting our virtual event series via the GoToWebinair platform.

As mentioned this decision has been made with delegates at the forefront of our thinking, further details on using the platform and joining your chosen event will be disclosed in the not too distant future.