Galleon Studios shoots video in honour of Blue Peter's 60th Anniversary

Date: 12/12/2018
Author: Galleon Studios
Company: Galleon Studios

The BBC chose Galleon Studios to film a 60th anniversary video for Blue Peter. You can view the video here 

Galleon Studios has hosted a variety of BBC productions since the studio doors opened in 2007. These include Cbeebies shows with Mr Tumble, Mr Bloom, Spotbots and may other characters who will be familiar to those with kids as well as programmes with The Hairy Bikers, segments of The One Show and numerous interview and clip shows.

Kristen Gibson said: “We're one of only two fully soundproof studios in the North West, so many broadcasters use our facilities as both our studios are specially designed for the moving image.

“We have welcomed Blue peter before and indeed, the show where they discussed the latest ‘time capsule’ was filmed at Galleon Studios, however, on that occasion, they used their own crew. This time, with so many crews shooting simultaneously for them around the country as they filmed presenters past and present, it fell to us and our skills to capture the centrepiece of Blue Peter’s celebration; a poem specially written by Tony Walsh.”

The director had an idea of what he wanted the final piece to look like; a montage of iconic Blue Peter moments, interspersed with footage of presenters in present day and held together by Tony's towering performance.

Kristen added: “With no particular storyboards to follow we didn't know exactly when or where Tony would appear, so we filmed the poem green screen, so any imagery could be placed behind him.

“It also meant Tony had to maintain his performance on camera at all times and hit the right dramatic beats to underscore the visuals that were yet to be decided.

“Tony had written much of the poem when he arrived, however it was truly humbling to witness him rewrite, and essentially rework the piece in response notes from producers and executives meaning that we were the first to hear his words spoken aloud.

“Using the autocue we have here at the studio Tony delivered the piece to the camera a number of times to give the editors multiple takes to choose the best version. Over the next few days, we also filmed some of the presenters and some of the "super fans" for whom the show Blue Peter has become such a huge part of their lives. It was truly an honour to film such an important piece of work and one that will continue to be viewed 60 years from now.”

Galleon Studios will next appear on BBC over Christmas period as segments of the Cbeebies Christmas show Thumbelina were filmed in our blue screen studio.