Date: 24/01/2018
Author: S and A Engineering
Company: S and A Engineering

Little did Andrew Smith know that when he opened a limited company back in December 1995; simply taking his wife’s name along with his own and forming S and A Engineering Services, that it would be a 21+ year venture that would span the continents.

Andrew had left his previous employ at W.C Holmes: a UK based blower manufacturer, where he had begun as an apprentice and advanced to service manager. S and A Engineering was started at the request of rather unexpected client: the Trafford Park factory of The Kellogg’s Co of Great Britain, stating that they would like Andrew to continue to repair their blowers on the condition that he opened a company so that they would be able to trade with him. What started off as a side project that allowed Andrew to work from home and make a little extra money, soon became a viable company with enquiries from other customers requesting Andrew’s expertise.

Over twenty-one years later; S and A Engineering are settling in to their new premises in Bolton which they moved in to last year.

“Moving from four small cramped units to one large one wasn’t without its difficulties. It’s a great opportunity to get rid of all the stuff that you’ve held onto for years but deciding what’s likely to be useful and what should go isn’t without its challenges. A crystal ball would have been handy.” comments Managing Director, Andrew.

S and A Engineering Services may have started out with humble beginnings; however, it has traded with customers from Bolton to Brisbane and repaired blowers sent over from continental Europe. Customers range from small one-man vehicle-mounted vacuuming companies; to farmers needing to transfer grain; bakeries transferring ingredients; plastic pellet conveying; up to huge scale industrial applications such as alternative bio-fuels, lime kilns, aggregates and waste water treatment. The customer base is wide and varied and there’s even been the odd supercharger sent in from the diesel engines of shipping vessels.