Green Intelligence News: Bury makes ground on green goals

Date: 12/12/2017
Author: Green Intelligence News
Company: Green Intelligence News

Bury Council has cut its carbon emissions by more than a quarter since 2009, slashing energy costs by 20 per cent in the process through energy efficiency, ‘green champions’ and other projects. 

The figures come from the Bury Council’s latest annual greenhouse gas emissions report.

The 27 per cent reduction in emissions since 2009 includes all emissions released directly by the council’s activities and indirectly through electricity use, as well as car travel, rail travel, air travel and electricity transmission losses. 

In total, gas use has decreased by 33 per cent and electricity use by 9 per cent. 

100 energy projects

Although recent mild winters have played a positive role, the council has also actively improved building management and installed energy saving measures such as more efficient boilers, improved insulation and LED lighting. 

Well over 100 projects have been implemented, helping to slash energy bills by more than £1 million.

In the last 12 months alone, the council has reduced its energy use in non-domestic properties by 12 per cent against the previous year - saving over £182,000. It also generated nearly 30,000kWh of clean electricity through solar power and other renewables.

Cllr Alan Quinn, cabinet member for the environment, outlined some of the measures the council has recently taken.

“We installed LED lighting at Ramsbottom Pool, Bury Market Hall, Bury Adult Learning Centre and Bradley Fold Depot,” he said. “The refurbishment of Killelea elderly persons home has included combined heat and power, LED lighting, lighting controls and solar panels. Plus, more than 7,000 street lights have been upgraded to low energy LED lighting.”

‘Green champions’

Bury Council also runs a Carbon Cost Challenge campaign, which aims to raise awareness amongst staff and ensure that everyone plays their part in reducing energy consumption.

As part of the campaign, a network of over 50 ‘Green Champions’ from across the council help embed carbon management in all areas of activity.

“To encourage staff awareness of energy efficiency and carbon targets, our network of Green Champions’ ran a ‘Switch off fortnight’ in council buildings and schools to encourage behaviour change”, Cllr Quinn added.

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