Help shape local services on overseas market engagement

Date: 02/02/2021
Author: Helen Provart
Company: Peak Translations Ltd

How we do business with overseas suppliers and customers is changing, and translation specialist Peak Translations Ltd is asking for views from local businesses to shape its services accordingly.

Since 1978, the Whaley Bridge company has been helping businesses in the UK and beyond to communicate accurately and effectively with its foreign audiences. It offers a whole host of ISO-accredited translation and interpreting services, ranging from dealing with customers or agents in overseas markets to building relationships with suppliers, and managing employment and health and safety issues.

The last year has seen very significant change in how we do business in the UK and in our relationship with the wider world. Firstly, the Covid pandemic has accelerated the move to a more remote way of doing business: selling, promoting and communicating is virtually all now done online. Rather than a temporary measure, this is a trend that is expected to stay. Secondly, the UK’s departure from the EU has created both challenge and opportunity in how we conduct business overseas.

In order to assess where best to concentrate its resources over the coming months, Peak Translations is asking Chamber members who currently export or who plan to export to overseas markets to share their thoughts, experiences and concerns in a ‘Business Beyond Brexit’ survey.

The survey, which should take no more than two minutes to complete, is an opportunity for local businesses to share their concerns about any potential barriers to exporting as well as their assessment on how well prepared their company is to handle any immediate challenges presented by Brexit.

Helen Provart, Peak Translations’ Managing Director, has first-hand experience of the real issues UK businesses have faced over recent weeks,

“Whilst there were some elements of the UK’s trade deal with the EU that could be anticipated and planned for, there were so many unknowns up until the eleventh hour. Every day, I get a call from a client on issues that need to be addressed with some urgency. Last week, I took a call from a business exporting high-value office equipment. One of their machines was stuck in Customs at a French port because they did not have the necessary customs paperwork. Our role was to support them in translating the relevant documentation to secure its release. Similarly, we’ve had an enquiry to translate a Safety Data Sheet relating to a medical product into nine EU languages.”

“Our team of translation and interpretation experts are adept at working at pace to help our clients get their messages understood by foreign audiences. Now more than ever, the world needs clear communications. By better understanding where our resources might be best placed, we’ll be in a very strong position to support the local exporting community to capitalise on the opportunities with which they’re presented, at the same time overcoming any immediate hurdles they face as the new agreements bed in.”

The survey can be accessed here: