Historic manufacturer makes energy savings

Date: 16/04/2019
Author: Green Intelligence News
Company: Green Intelligence News

A manufacturer that has called Manchester home for over 160 years is saving £1,000 a month on its electricity bill after analysing data on its energy usage and investing in new equipment.

Budenberg, a manufacturer of high quality pressure and temperature gauges, valves and calibration instruments has operated in Manchester since 1854, when founder Arnold Budenberg moved to the city from Germany.

The company serves a wide range of sectors, including oil and gas, chemicals, food and drink and pharmaceuticals.

Energy opportunity

Now occupying a factory in Irlam, Salford, the company has undergone a number of initiatives to reduce energy consumption and waste, and was looking to make further improvements when it began working with resource efficiency specialists at GC Business Growth Hub in 2016.

However, like many manufacturers, Budenberg rents its premises and was therefore keen to invest in measures that would pay back within its tenancy agreement, or could be transferred to a new site if needed.

The company had been approached by a compressor supplier offering an upgrade with impressive potential energy savings, but wanted help to verify the business case for investment before going ahead.

Building the business case

GC Business Growth Hub advisor, Claire Scott, visited the factory and installed an energy logger on primary and back-up compressors to monitor electricity consumption over a two-week period. The data gathered provided insight on consumption patterns and energy base load - the amount of electricity consumed when the equipment is running on idle.

“Investing in energy efficiency is a win-win for every business, but it’s important to know what your biggest energy users are so that you can target upgrades that offer maximum savings,” Claire Scott said.

“Using our specialist equipment, we’re able to help companies accurately measure the real-world energy consumption of their equipment. Reliable data is vital for any business case, and energy efficiency is no different.”

End result

John White, chief executive of Budenberg, said: “The data GC Business Growth Hub helped us to obtain gave us the confidence to go ahead with investing in a new compressor, which has reduced our electricity bill by approximately £1,000 a month. Thanks to the Hub, we also know that the investment has cut our carbon footprint by around 30 tonnes of CO2 per year.”

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