How BeUniqueness has set out to change digital marketing for SMEs

Date: 10/03/2020
Author: Charlie Britten
Company: BeUniqueness Ltd

When it comes to digital marketing, BeUniqueness has gone further than the rest to provide something distinctive and new.

Every new company has to have a set aim in mind to succeed in a competitive marketplace, but some are keen to be more ‘niche’ than others.

For BeUniqueness, this is particularly the case. Any firm with a name like that clearly has a lot to live up to, but in this case the aim is to offer professional services firms something different to anything they have had before.

Why BeUniqueness?

The firm’s founder, Mohamed Elhawary, came up with the idea of the firm after noting two significant issues.

Firstly, many small and medium enterprises in the professional services sector, especially the legal sector, have struggled in recent years with their marketing. A key reason for this is that they have still tried to rely on old-fashioned methods of marketing such as newspaper ads, one-off events and billboards. These have produced very poor returns on investment.

Alongside this, companies of limited scale have had to compete against larger firms that have their own in-house marketing departments to ensure they can power ahead with sophisticated and coherent campaigns.

BeUniqueness has initially targeted three areas where small and medium firms need the boost that digital marketing can offer:

  • Law firms
  • E-Commerce
  • Financial companies such as accountants

We are now expanding into further areas of small and medium business.

What stands out about BeUniqueness?

Of course, many a smaller firm might look to find an agency who can do some marketing work for them. But often what is on offer is somewhat formulated and limited.

BeUniqueness has set out to take matters further. The company’s approach involves allowing clients to customise their own programme of selected services, or, alternatively, discuss a proposal for the best selection of services.

To do all this, BeUniqueness had first to provide a wide selection of options, with a team of skilled marketers on board able to deliver it.

The services on offer include:

USPs like nobody else

However, even that is not the end of the story. Knowing that some smaller firms will have finite budgets and approach the issue of marketing spend with trepidation, BeUniqueness has a series of offers to make life much easier:

  • Freemium - the classic ‘try before you buy’ can show clients the benefits of the services they get before they make a commitment to paid services
  • There is an introductory discount of 15% for new clients, extending to 20% for the very smallest firms
  • A further discount of 10% is available for second contracts

If that wasn’t enough, BeUniqueness has also introduced a ground-breaking money-back guarantee, something you just don’t see marketing firms do - until now.

The way this works is just like with consumer goods. Imagine you bought a washing machine that didn’t work. Naturally, you’d expect a refund. Similarly, BeUniqueness pledges that if they make a promise and fail to keep it, clients will get their money back.

It is a representation not just of the accountability BeUniqueness believes should come as standard; it is also a statement of confidence in the company’s ability to deliver.

How can BeUniqueness help your firm?

If you run a small or medium firm in the legal, E-Commerce or financial sector and want a digital marketing strategy that really works, BeUniqueness can help you. Whether it is increasing awareness of your firm through great content marketing, bringing in leads with PC or helping to develop your brand identity, we can help you enjoy a major return on investment and real growth for your business.