How can leaders keep teams motivated, remotely?

Date: 18/05/2020
Author: Jayne Marks
Company: The Better People Organisation

How can managers and leaders keep their teams motivated, remotely?

If I was to ask you out of 100%, what proportion would you say that mind-set contributes towards peak performance, what would your answer be?

Having crossed the first hurdles of COVID change, moving teams and getting set up to work remotely, many leaders are now facing a fresh hurdle; How do you continue to motivate remote working teams?

This challenge is critical, as businesses try to answer fresh questions about the bigger, newer challenges they might be facing. Whilst many employees find working from home gives them a new balance in their working day, many more are finding the demands overwhelming. Emotional and economic pressure compounded by uncertainty fuels fears about job losses and safety. The longer the period of instability and uncertainty the more this will increase, putting pressure on productivity as well as wellbeing and mental health. These worries lead to inertia, low morale and disengagement from work just at the time that employers need everyone to innovate and engage.

So what can business leaders and managers do?

Firstly, dial up your empathy. Evidence shows that leaders who take time to engage and listen to their employees have a greater impact on moral at work that those who focus solely on outputs. How are your team coping with change? How are they feeling about their home and work life at the moment? Do you know?
Secondly, focusing on positive motivators like purpose and play are linked to increased work performance. What people are missing is the interaction and ‘banter’ that the office environment gave them as well as the ability to get involved with problem solving. Creating this remotely can have a direct impact on moral. Resist the temptation to focus on making work tactical, through strict rules, processes and directed work activities like back to back zoom meetings. Instead, find ways to make your teams work engaging. A powerful way is to give people the opportunity to problem solve and experiment by asking them ‘How can we deliver better customer service and value?’ ‘What’s broken that we can fix?’ ‘What will drive growth?’

And last but not least, focus on wellbeing and mental health at work. Studies show that the degree of change combined with duration has a direct impact on moral and wellbeing. The longer this carries on the more resilient people will need to be.

Resilience is our ability to ‘bounce back’, to bend and deal with stress in a positive way and therefore reduce the impact it can have on our mental health and well-being. Focusing on building resilience skills can have a direct effect on moral, reducing levels of presenteeism and absenteeism. Unlike personality traits, resilience can be developed and strengthened with training and support, helping to equip line managers and their teams with critical skills like problem solving, purpose and fulfilment and all important positive mind-set.
Which brings us back to the question; out of 100% what percentage does mind-set contribute when talking about peak performance? A staggering 80%.

To discover the skills and benefits of developing resilient teams, The Better People are offering managers and business leaders a free webinar through the Manchester Chamber of Commerce Members Website.

Our seminar will share evidence and key principles to help you lead better through change and provide you with practical management tools and tips to develop more resilient teams from tomorrow. We are excited to cover;
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