Human launches new app with KYB Europe

Date: 08/01/2018
Author: Chris Ashley
Company: Human Software

Manchester based software consultancy, Human Software, recently launched a trade-focused mobile application for global hydraulics manufacturer KYB in order to improve their consumer-retailer engagement.

KYB is the largest hydraulic manufacturer in Japan, and one of the world’s largest suppliers of original equipment (OE) shock absorbers to vehicle manufacturers around the world.

KYB approached Human to craft an iOS and Android mobile app, the KYB Suspension Solutions App, designed to help independent technicians explain to their customers the dangers of driving with worn suspension and to showcase the value of premium suspension systems.

Independent garages can personalise the app to their own business, technicians then input diagnostic information and issues with a customer’s vehicle suspension components. The app then sends a personalised vehicle report to the customer via text message; inclusive of rich media such as before and after photos of the completed work and engaging video content.  

Chris Ashley, Head of Engagement at Human, said: "This project represents yet another example of an OEM innovating within their supply chain to enhance the experience further down the chain. In this instance this app gives independent technicians a more compelling method of communicating vehicle diagnostic information to their customers. And for the end customers themselves, they get an aftersales experience on par with that of national retailers and dealers. This creates a more competitive landscape in automotive, creating the right conditions for further innovation in this sector. Human are proud to have played a part in this transformative story."

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