Improving Outlook For British Expats In The UK Life Insurance Market

Date: 11/04/2018

Andrew Wilkinson, a director at Moneysworth Ltd, looks at the improving outlook for British expats in the UK Life Insurance Market 

In the past many British expats struggled to obtain the life insurance they really want in the UK. The main available route was via the Lloyds insurance market although for many expats even this option was unavailable. For those who qualified premium rates were not cheap and the maximum term was limited to 10 years, a period significantly less than the term that many expats are seeking to protect their families and to cover their mortgages.

However times are changing and the UK life insurance market today looks quite different to a year ago. Some doors that were previously shut have started opening and for many expats it has now become possible to access some longer term UK life insurance and at very competitive premium rates as the following table of some recent cases illustrates.

Age and Current Residency

Amount Of Cover

Type Of Cover

Number Of Years


46   Europe


Life Insurance



29   Middle East


Life or earlier critical Illness Insurance



32 Far East


Life Insurance



So what are acceptable reasons to be able to access UK life insurance? Firstly expats in most cases should be able to arrange a policy to cover their UK mortgages, cover up to the whole mortgage amount(s) and for the whole term of the mortgage(s), including but-to-lets. For residential mortgages taken out before leaving the UK critical illness insurance may also be an available option. Most British expats who financially support UK based dependants can also now access longer term UK life insurance and again critical illness insurance might be possible.  Potential UK inheritance tax liabilities can be a further acceptable reason to apply for cover.

Don’t forget that most UK insurers still will not offer terms to British expats. Therefore to get the best out of the market British expats should use the services of a UK regulated adviser firm who specialise in life insurance and who work on a whole of market basis as they will therefore have the expertise and market access required to place your UK life insurance.

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