Keeping employees engaged

Date: 02/01/2018

Technology employees can sometimes feel a lot of pressure, especially when the expectation is on them to find solutions to things quickly when they break or fail. When employees are not properly supported and engaged this can lead to over stressed workers and lack of motivation to stay in the position. The environment in which your IT team works needs to be organised, productive and well communicated in order for them to perform their job to a high standard and most importantly, be happy.

There are ways in which you can help improve the morale and attitude of your technology employees, such as giving them the freedom to work in different environments whether that be an open office space, working from home or even access to other communal areas.  This will give them the feeling of being trusted, less micromanaged and therefore more motivated. The trust also has to extend between co workers in order for your team to delegate tasks efficiently and effectively. When trust and communication is lost within a team, this ends up putting strain on individual employees due to lack of delegation, leading them to becoming unhappy and overworked. Having ways in which your IT team can express concerns in a professional way will also help resolve any underlying issues that may arise.

As well as trust, another important factor to help engage your team is allowing them to participate in training courses and further education. Giving opportunities to learn new skills and supporting them to do so will improve motivation and dedication to the position as this shows you care about them as an individual, and not just a worker.

Finally, just like all other employees, your technology department appreciate being praised for a job well done. Acknowledging hard work and offering incentives to do so will automatically improve engagement and productivity in working hours. As sometimes we may not understand the complexity of the jobs completed by technology staff, it is easy to miss opportunities to say ‘thanks for the hard work’.

Here at we pride ourselves with engaging with our employees in all departments. If you would like to know more information on how we can help improve your employee engagement, please head over to and get in touch!