Keeping Payroll Operational During COVID-19

Date: 27/05/2020
Author: Julie Gaertner
Company: Payescape

Everyone is working remotely, daily business operations are nothing like they used to be, and companies are adjusting to this new “normal”. But what happens to administrative functions like payroll and HR when the company is suddenly a remote workforce? How do you manage payroll changes, deadlines, and HR questions?

Using technology to handle daily administrative functions is quite common in most organisations, but depending on the type of software and integration capabilities, payroll and HR teams might be struggling right now to keep everything organised, on track, and within compliance regulations.

Cloud-based payroll technology with integrated HR functionality can ensure your employee data is secure, reduce the need for multiple data entry points, and allow your team to manage from remote offices and from mobile devices. Companies that have been managing payroll from office desktops quickly found out during this current crisis that when the office was shut down, the payroll operations were in jeopardy. It is best to prepare payroll and HR teams for mobile operations when it comes to daily admin functions so that your company is ready for any business disruption.

Payescape has created integrated, cloud-based payroll and HR technology with customised reporting to help companies manage operations from any location. Our mobile technology allows teams to access payroll and HR data from any device, so working in an office or in a remote location does not affect operations. We have a CIPP-certified team to help ensure compliance with all payroll regulations, furlough and job retention schemes, and we file directly with HMRC.

Learn how technology can simplify your payroll processes, integrate with HR admin, and ensure compliance for your company operations in any circumstances. Click here to learn more:

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