Leeds Grand Theatre divert 100% of waste from landfill

Date: 09/02/2018
Author: Bagnall & Morris
Company: Bagnall & Morris

Fulfilling their commitment to the environment, Leeds Grand Theatre are diverting 100% of their waste from landfill by working together with Carbon Neutral B&M Waste Services.

Separation of waste via internal bins initially and then external waste containers have seen the 1550 seat capacity theatre and opera house in the centre of Leeds not just divert from landfill, but increase levels of recycling of paper, card and glass items.

Mick Ashall, Director at B&M Waste Services said: “The Grand Theatre and Opera House in Leeds has a vision to be a sustainable and diverse company which delivers excellence, and using our Carbon Neutral waste service aligns with this desire. They’re very forward thinking in management of their waste which has helped to achieve their goal of increased recycling and 100% diversion of waste from landfill, which is commendable.”

Anne Shaw, Head of House Management at the theatre said, “Start to finish the move to B&M Waste was smooth. I have a direct point of contact for any queries and receive environmental reports, which show the breakdown of our waste and what has happened to it. I applaud B&M for their sustainable focus, whilst keeping their prices competitive, and thank my own team for being so receptive to separating waste for recycling.”