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Date: 01/12/2023
Author: Dylan Moore
Company: Aqua Design Group

Stockport creative Aqua Design Group has branched out into the realms of video by creating their own YouTube channel.

Aqua Design Group are known for their social media networking with #PromoteStockport and #SmallBizFridayUK along with their #QueenOf, #KingOf and #MonarchOf day competitions.

With Made in Stockport Awards 2024 #MISA24 being hosted at Savoy Cinema in Heaton Moor in June, Aqua Design Group will be producing videos for the awards to showcase the town and the businesses that are finalists within the upcoming awards.

Dylan Moore, owner of Aqua Design Group commented: “I wanted to broaden my knowledge and skills within Adobe, so have been getting to grips with Premiere Pro and help other small business with video creation for their business.”

Look out for upcoming uploads from Aqua Design Group on YouTube and Made in Stockport Awards 2024 on the official awards social media channels.

Why not subscribe to their channel along with liking and sharing their uploaded videos.