NHS IT Infrastructure Virtual Conference

Date: 13/06/2020
Author: Daniel Snape
Company: Convenzis Group Limited

NHS IT Infrastructure Virtual Conference

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, Convenzis are committed to providing our public services with current policy updates and the sharing of best practice to help improve collaborative working and practical examples of innovation through these testing times.

All our virtual conferences including NHS IT Infrastructure are all split across 2 short but content-packed days, day 1 will focus on the sharing of best practice, national policy insights and innovation,

On day 2 speakers will continue their presentations focusing on the key take always and lessons learned, interactive question and answer sessions throughout will open the debate up and give you the chance to have your say.

Health and social care secretary Matt Hancock described the NHS’s IT systems as “stuttering,” arguing that they are putting lives at risk and are in need of a serious upgrade.

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted how important IT and Digital systems are, not only the general public as they lock down but also for the NHS clinical teams as they battle to keep us safe.

Over the past 18 months, we have seen some concerning news regarding the “outdated” and “tired” NHS IT Infrastructure including the NHS IT log in time issues and the widespread use of outdated technology such as fax machines, however, on the flip side, the past 18 months has seen some of the greatest advancements in NHS Tech use ever, including, the use of AI and Intelligent interfaces and fully remote consulting services.

This however poses a rather large question…

Can the outdated IT infrastructure support the use of emerging technology on a wide scale??

The Convenzis NHS IT Infrastructure Virtual Conference will look to answer this question and explore the changes needed to ensure the NHS can continue to roll out and scale up the use of emerging technology safely and securely.

Key conference topics at NHS IT Infrastructure:

Digital Aspirants programme
Open Source Programme
Medical and social care shared care records
£200m digital fund
Data and Information
NHS IT Infrastructure

Join us Virtually at NHS IT Infrastructure as we discuss all things NHS IT via our virtual conference platform, attendees will enjoy 12 informative and interactive guest speakers with sessions split over 2 days, we will also host some virtual networking and live Q&A sessions.

Attendance at NHS IT Infrastructure will provide delegates with many benefits so of with are:

• Listen to the latest policy developments and live best practice sharing sessions
• Input directly to the discussions and panel debate sessions
• Take part in engaging and collaborative networking sessions with public sector peers from across multiple originations and regions

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